Our Programs


Domestic Violence

 The goal of Hope for the Future's domestic violence program is to ensure that teens and young adults are provided with appropriate tools to reduce or eliminate domestic violence. Domestic violence amongst teens and young adults in the U.S. has skyrocketed and we feel that it is Hope for the Future’s responsibility to equip teens with information and resources to prevent and overcome domestic violence.  


Mental Health

  Hope for the Future will provide counseling to students and their families who are experiencing mental illness. The students and their families will gain knowledge on how to control their illness and receive education on how to deal with their illness in their everyday lives.


Anger Management/Conflict Resolution

  Because conduct- based  anger is an issue with many youth, we provide support groups for the youth and their parents and young adults that will allow them to probe into the underlying causes of the student's  criminal behavior or truancy.


Substance Abuse


We will help students to stay away from using drugs and give them the right tools to use in their day-to-day life. We will education each students the effect of using drugs is harming their bodies. Our team will support each person who has a challenge in overcoming drugs. 


Job Readiness

   The structure of Hope for the Future's job readiness program will allow students to acquire skills related to resume building, job interviewing, emotional intelligence training, and personalized employment training as related to their  Individual Goal Plan (IGP). 


Online High School Programs

   Hope for the Future will provide online high school programs for those students that are 9th through 12th grade.